The implementation and scale-up approach for DATs is largely dependent on the level of country experience with these or other digital health products. For countries without any prior DAT experience, a phased implementation starts by determining the necessary infrastructure (e.g. data hosting) and customizing of the technology and platform to match with the country needs. This step will establish the technical groundwork for DATs to function effectively in subsequent phases of implementation.





Phase 0

Customization, configuration and testing of infrastructure, DATs, and platform.

Phase 1

Small rollout (>2000 patients/1-2 regions/districts) to contextualize interventions, customize country specific workflows, develop local DAT protocols, etc. 

Phase 2

Scaled implementation in multiple districts, >2000+ patients  

Phase 3

Province or country-wide scale, consider migrating from cloud hosting to in-country hosting using servers, etc.  

For countries with DAT experience and infrastructure in place, it will be possible to scale the DAT intervention at an accelerated pace. Activities can start form Phase 2 or 3 depending on the extent of prior experience.